SWAT (Simple Web Assessment Tool)

Made for Dr. Younes' CS1699 class.


This is a self-hostable web based tool to help an organization track and comply with standards. There is an example of this software running (here)[https://cogarr.net/demos/swat/]



SWAT is written in python

apt-get install python3


  1. Download SWAT git clone https://cogarr.net/source/cgi-bin/swat

  2. SWAT should work with any cgi-enabled web server. There is a simple web server included with python. You can check your version of python with python -V

  3. python -m SimpleHTTPServer --cgi (python 2.x)

  4. python -m http.server --cgi (python 3.x)

  5. To complete setup, navigate to the index page for the instance in a web browser ((http://localhost:8000)[http://localhost:8000] by default) and select a compliance set.


If you want to change the look or feel of the tool (for example, to put your company name at the top) feel free to edit any of the html files.

SWAT is meant for internal use for a company, and does not support any validation or authentication, and no support for either feature is planned. Be sure this is hosted behind a firewall, and limit access to the network it is on!


SWAT uses a flat file system, not database necessary!

The instance's data lives in the data/ folder (which is created on the first time you visit the instance in your web browser). This folder may be backed up or restored in case the tool accidentally gets deleted or some other disaster occurs.

To re-install from a backed up instance, re-install swat and put the data/ folder into the directory (so that swat/data/lock is a valid file) before visitin the index page for the first time.